Thai Yoga Bodywork — Individual Sessions

Sessions are booked as 1-hour, 1.5-hour or 2-hour blocks, by appointment only in the Synchrony L.L.C. Brooklyn Park home studio.

60 Minute Session – $85 (New clients receive their first 1 hour session for $60)

90 Minute Session – $120

120 Minute Session – $150

 Thai Yoga Bodywork Packages

Pre-purchased discount package are offered to clients who wish to commit to multiple sessions. Packages may be shared with friends and family members and do not expire. Sessions may be gifted to others by notifying the studio.

Getting Started — 3 hours for $222

Stretch It Out — 9 hours for $600

Fully Committed — 27 hours for $1700

All rates include applicable sales tax and are subject to change.

Military Discount

United States Armed Services personnel and their family members receive a 10% discount on published Thai yoga bodywork and some products. Please present a valid Military ID to receive this discount.

Session Add-Ons

A Chi machine and a far infrared (FIR) heating pad are available to add to any session at no cost to you!

The Chi machine gently moves the body from side to side in a figure eight, maximizing supplemental oxygenation of your entire body at the cellular level. This oxygenation enhances your metabolic rate, aiding detoxification via the lymphatic system, aligning your spine and activating the autonomic nervous system. For many individuals, it is a great way to start a Thai yoga bodywork session.

The FIR heating pad provides infrared heat waves that can penetrate deep into muscular tissue and ligaments, causing blood vessels in capillaries to dilate which improves blood circulation and promotes health and wellness. The deep-penetrating warmth is soothing and enhances the overall experience.

Important: Though they are few, in certain conditions the use of the Chi machine or FIR heating pad is not advised.  If you are interested in adding either or both to your session, let us know and we will determine if it would be appropriate for you.